Monja Lorenčić (Slovenia)


About me:

My name is Monja Lorenčič, I am 23 years old. I have been dancing since I was seven years old. As a dancer I am constantly learning and improving by participating workshops, performances, projects from people in my dance community as well as others from around the world.  I am  especially strong in jazz, modern and hip hop technique. As a choreographer I create and present myself on different dance events, festivals, shows and projects in Slovenia as well as abroad.

Also I am a part of a dance company and business MOMENT that Domen Žugelj and myself established in 2012 within witch we create, perform and teach as a dance duo Moment.

As part of Moment I taught workshops, co-choreographed and performed in Moment’s Australia Tour 2015.


In 2016 I started teaching on different dance festivals across Europe – Croatia, Austria, Italy.

In 2016 myself and Domen Žugelj also teached in Trier – Germany & Edinburgh – Scotland as a part of our Moment europe tour.

In the past few years Moment has organized workshops and video collaborations with artists from around the world such as Jernej Bizjak, William Tran, Larkin Poynton, Chris Martin.


In 2013 I co-choreographed and danced in a full-lenght dance performance called Kaj me pleše?. In 2015 I was a part of a full-lenght dance performance called Čez noč. As duo Moment we currently create a dance preformance Heroes we love in collabiration with Center plesa Maribor.


2008 2.      place in National Championship
2009 1.      place in National Championship
2011 2.      place in National Championship







1.       place on Vienna dance open Festival

2.       place on Vienna dance open Festival

1.       place on Rimini Festival

1.       place in National Championship

1.       place on World Championship

2.       place on National Championship


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Plesna izba Maribor

Zapleši si Maribor

Glasbena šola Karl Pahor Ptuj

Plesna dimenzija Maribor

Center plesa Maribor

Bolero Maribor


Additional education:
2013 – 2015                  Dance teacher license (Dance Association of Slovenia)



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