Miloš Isailović (Serbia)



Miloš Isailović
Born in 1988 in Loznica, Serbia

During his education in the middle ballet school “Lui Davico“he was pointed out as one of the most talented students, therefore he got a scholarship in the prestigious Ballet Acadamy in Zurich. After his return from Zurich he graduated from “Lui Davico”.

Since 2009 he has been a steady member of the National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia and a member of the Bitef Dance Company, at the same time.

As a solo dancer of the National Theathre in Belgrade, Serbia he performed in the following ballet shows:
“Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, “Gisele”, “Don Quixote”, “Tinted Blood”, ”The Taming of the Shrew”.
He performed solo acts in the following ballets: “Interval”Zoran Markovic& Masa Kolar, “Viva la Vida!” Aleksandar Ilic,, “Ko to tamo peva” Stasa Zurovac, “Six Dances” Jiri Kylian, “The Lady of the Camellias” Lidija Pilipenko. “Adrijana Lakuvrer” Vladimir Logunov, “Lisabonska priča” Aleksandar Ilić “The Damned Yard” Dana Ruttenberg

In the Bitef Dance Company he performed in the following ballets and dramas:

„Loved one“ Kjersti Muller Sandsto , “Otelo” Zoran Marković & Maša Kolar, “The Divine Comedy” Edward Clug, “Alpha Boys” Guy Weizman, “Shakespeare’s Sonnets” Dunja Jocić/ Leo Mujić, “Captain John Peoplefox” Isidora Stanišić, “If we would all keep quiet” Snježana Abramović,”Yesterday” Jasmin Vardimon “Maja andI and Maja” Anja Suša, “Bent” Andrej Nosov,“Wishing Mashines”Isidora Stanišić “Don Juan” Maša Kolar “Birds” Edward Clug

Awards and acknowledgments

On the International ballet competition in Berlin 2005, Germany he won the third place in a contemporary duet and the very same year in Cesena- Italy he won the first place for a solo performance choreography made by Katarina Stojkov. In years before he was a multiple state champion in several ballroom dance styles, and modern ballet in the Serbian Dance Association.

In 2008 he confirmed his title of the state champion and thus got qualified to go on the World Dance Show competition in Riesa, Germany where he represented Serbia.

As a choreographer in 2012 on a Dance Fest in Novi Sad-Serbia he won the first place in the category of modern ballet.
He won a prize for the best young performer of art in Serbia for 2012 year.
Same year he began with a pedagogical work as a theacher of Contemporary dance in the Dance School “Ris”.
2014 he achieved a great success with a dance performance“Family Portrait” in Bitef Theatre for which he did the choreography and production.
2014successfully started leading workshops/seminars of contemporary dance all over the Balkan and Europe,including USA/New York.
2015 started working at NFI “National Foundation for dance – Aja Jung” as a professor of contemporary dance.
Same year started working as choreographer/producer on co-production with Bitef theatre/Bitef dance company on his first professional performance called “Dunjaluk”
Same year in september he started to work as an asistent of Edward Clug at Narodno Gledališče in Maribor in the show ‚‚Per Gynt“ in wich he successfuly plays the leading role caracter.
2016 began to work on his second dance performance of “Alien” co-produced by NFI “National Foundation for the Dance,” Aja Jung and “Hartefact fund” for which he signed choreographic and directing stamp.
2016 began to work on the play “Peer Gynt” in the National Ballet of Riga in Latvia as an assistant of Edward Clug.